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Latina owned and in business for 5 years! Born and raised right here in Naples, FL. Growing up, I loved doing my hair and makeup just like any other girly girl. Leaving high school, I knew the beauty industry was where I was meant to be. After having a month of “summer” break, I began a career I am so glad to be in. I attended Paul Mitchell the School in 2016 to only find myself doing almost everything but hair. Two months after I began hair school, I found out I was pregnant with my son which made my journey just a little harder but the accomplishment felt so much greater. I kicked off my career working at Ulta beauty’s Benefit Brow Bar for 2 years, which helped me in the Brow Game because let me tell you, Brow wax was the last thing anyone wanted to do when in hair school. Months later, I decided to take a Lash course which transitioned my life into what it is today. That course was one of the best decisions I ever made. Ending my final days at Ulta, I was confident enough to branch off on my own and opened my own business. Years went by and then came my beautiful daughter. I absolutely love having a little mini me. It makes being a mom that more fun. Hopefully one day my daughter and I can work together. Making others feel good is my passion, it brings me joy and thats why I love this career so much. Slay House is the name because thats what I do all day! Whether its your brows , skin or lashes I am here to provide you with quality service each and every time!

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Lashes are never one size fits all. At Slay House, we offer different styles and lengths that best fits your eye shape. When it comes to eyelash length, extensions can go from 5mm to 18mm in length. In practice, most technicians don't go shorter than 8 mm or longer than 15mm. When deciding which length to try, consider the following:

  • The length of your natural lashes
  • The size of your eyes
  • How much lid space you have
  • How dramatic of a look you want

A great set of lash extensions will include a lot of length variation. By varying the length, a Lash Artist can create a much more lush and voluminous look, not to mention specific lash style shapes.

If you’re new to extensions, you have smaller eyes or minimal lid space, or your lashes are naturally very short, it’s better to start in the 8-12 mm range. Once you get used to wearing lashes, you can go a little longer.

If your eyes are large, your lashes are naturally long, or you have a lot of space between your brows and lash line, you may want to go longer right from the start. It’s important to communicate with your lash Artist on what you like/don’t like or even finding A inspiration photo will also make our job easier. Oh! and remember, Lash naps are free! We cant wait to service you!

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